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The Good Doctor

The Good Doctor

Coming up the stairs I knew something was amiss. The quiet. That stillness that precedes a wave of dread. At the top of the stairs I found the door to his library blocked. Jammed almost closed.

“Are you in there?”

No answer.

I gave the door another shove but it barely moved. A few steps back and my shoulder finally got it to move and the dead weight blocking it to roll over and groan. He had a pulse. He hadn’t bathed, but that was par for the course, current events aside.

His coffee table was littered with a final binge of every illicit substance he had squirreled away. He had the curtains drawn and his favorite record was being scratched to ribbons on the gramophone. His evening robe was burned at one corner and he had what looked like the blissful stupor of opium.

A few prods with my cane got him to roll over onto his back. White powder at the nostrils. Tobacco stains on the fingers. An all too typical reaction really.

I drew back the curtains, opened the windows and called for a pail of the most frigid water the housekeeper could find.

“Preferably with a thick crust of ice if you can manage,” I said.

I stopped the record, righted the turned over armchairs and waited for the bucket’s arrival. All the while I pondered our present situation and felt each tick of the clock on the mantel.

“Here it is doctor,” she said.

Her tired face barely flinched at the sight of him passed out on the floor. He on the other hand jumped up screaming when the water hit him.

“What’s the hell is going on? Can’t a man catch a few moments peace in his own quarters? Is that too much to ask!”

“Enough. We’re short on time.”

“I, more than any of us present.”

“All the more reason for you to be productive.”

“I was being productive.”

“You were passed out.”

“I was meditating.”

“You were on drugs.”

“I needed clarity.”

“You have an idea, to right the current mess we’re in. Before the hangman’s noose finds that neck of yours?”

“Not an idea precisely.”

“You going to tell me?”

“Not just yet.”

Cover Preview for A Difficult Brunch (Jeffery Archer)

Here’s the new cover. It’s quite simple and I think cheekily conveys the story in a minimal way. What do you think? Can you see what’s in the middle? Does it make sense or does squinting give you a headache and make you hungry at the same time?     A Difficult Brunch is aboutContinue Reading

Naked Writer – A Change In Tack

      I’m changing things again because this is a business and constant experimentation is good. I’ll post more on this on (that’s my site for writers, this one is more for readers) when I have some time.   What’s Changing Exactly? What I am planning on doing because this worked in theContinue Reading

I walk on.

I walk on.

In blinding snow, my boots crunch down. I’m lost.  I knew this place before. Now its blank, foreign, lost to me. Above my head the clouds swirl. The stars are gone. My arms wrap close around me, my hood pulled up tight. My eyes blink back tears. My fingers are blue and numb. In frontContinue Reading

A really short story about isolation

A really short story about isolation

Mary crumbled inside. Parts of her fell over the edge into the abyss. The darkness inside of her ate at the crumbling sides causing more of her to collapse over the edge. Her broken heart pumped that pain to every corner of her body. The pain that she felt bled into every cell of herContinue Reading

A really short story about a seabound pioneer

I was to be the first person to live permanently on this rig.  Hell, what did we even call it. It wasn’t a ship, it wasn’t a building. It was both. It felt like a building standing here at the top of it. It would sway in the wind like any other building but IContinue Reading

A really short story about not giving up

A really short story about not giving up

The dust was everywhere. It clung to her face, the corners of her mouth and her clothing. It was everywhere. Red and fine it crept into everything, every nook every cranny. Every wrinkle it collected and filled with a dull red. A color that spelled their fate, just as clearly as if it were wet,Continue Reading

Out Past Curfew, Strike Three

Mandrak stepped out from the shadows. It was past curfew. Long past curfew. The drones would be out looking for stragglers. This late a first time offender would be stunned and dragged back for a double shift. No questions asked. Mandrak was not a first time offender. He ran his calloused fingers across the twoContinue Reading

Insert Spear Into Bear

Nothing happened. Dekkard pushed the button again. Nothing. It had been the same at breakfast and he was hoping the NanoFab would be working now. He was getting hungry now. His stomach growled just then to punctuate the moment. He was a bit irritated because the ship’s computer had said it would be working now.Continue Reading

The University Club

The University Club was a piece of this town. It was a part of it’s history, part of what gave it its charm. Yes it was derelict and had been abandoned for the last few years. That didn’t matter. It was waiting. I was waiting. For someone, the right someone,  to come along with theContinue Reading