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A Lonely Speck

A single white speck of ash floated in the twisting breeze. The warm air tossing it up and down. It floated directionless. Carried by the wind, in whichever direction it was sent. The heat from the fire still warmed my back through the blanket draped over my shoulders. I sat in a bubble of silence captive to  my distraction. This tiny speck defied gravity, triumphant in its lofty progress but slave to the movement of invisible forces. Currents and eddies in the air tumbled and spun the little white dot. It rose and fell. Spiralled and straightened, only to repeat new patterns, new dances with its hidden partner.

Men stepped over the rubble that was my life. I mumbled a response to a question. Nodded again when it was repeated. The speck was gone. I’d lost track of it. Leaning back and looking anew there were thousands. Some rising some falling. All dancing their own dance, masters and slaves, triumphant and bound.

I stood to look finally at the broken pieces behind me. My worldly fortune reduced to charred and twisted timbers, broken glass and the cold fingers of smoke from the hands of the beast that snatched it. My mangled car lay underneath that all as well. Another victim of the accident. A moment out of my control. Or completely my fault. I handed the blanket back to the fireman, the one with the kind eyes and thanks him for his care. I gave the police my statement. And then I took a step. I followed it with another and another until I reached the park down my road.

I sat there for a time watching children play, laughing as they ran and fell and got back up again. I remembered that joy. That freedom. I was hungry. Hungry for more life. I still had money, I still had my keys. They had no purpose anymore and found a new home at the base of an oak tree. Maybe a squirrel would own them now. I started walking again. I haven’t stopped yet. I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul.





The last sentence is from Invictus.

McKenna’s Choice

Two men stood in the rain. One wet, one dry. The larger of the two rolled his burning shoulder back and forth. He smelled of wet old leather. Under the umbrella, the man in the suit held his pocket watch in his hand. The minutes dragged on, the rain fell. “You know what’s dying?” “What…Continue Reading

The Good Doctor

The Good Doctor

Coming up the stairs I knew something was amiss. The quiet. That stillness that precedes a wave of dread. At the top of the stairs I found the door to his library blocked. Jammed almost closed. “Are you in there?” No answer. I gave the door another shove but it barely moved. A few steps…Continue Reading

Naked Writer – A Change In Tack

  [sws_yellow_box box_size="780"] Good day to my faithful multitude of readers, just a quick interjection here to say I love each and every one of you and appreciate your particular literary sensibilities. [/sws_yellow_box]     I’m changing things again because this is a business and constant experimentation is good. I’ll post more on this on…Continue Reading

I walk on.

I walk on.

In blinding snow, my boots crunch down. I’m lost.  I knew this place before. Now its blank, foreign, lost to me. Above my head the clouds swirl. The stars are gone. My arms wrap close around me, my hood pulled up tight. My eyes blink back tears. My fingers are blue and numb. In front…Continue Reading

Out Past Curfew, Strike Three

Mandrak stepped out from the shadows. It was past curfew. Long past curfew. The drones would be out looking for stragglers. This late a first time offender would be stunned and dragged back for a double shift. No questions asked. Mandrak was not a first time offender. He ran his calloused fingers across the two…Continue Reading

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